Mikwright Coasters - love hurts.Mikwright Coasters - i think what makes martha so charming is her ability to blow up at a moments notice.Mikwright Coasters - her handicap? she farts during foreplay.
Mikwright Coasters - you wanna piece of this?Mikwright Coasters - mom, please put the cocktail down and come out with your hands up!Mikwright Coasters - i'm sorry dear but mommy has outsourced your diaper changes to your daddy. you'll find him on the sofa watching the game.
Mikwright Coasters - size queen.Mikwright Coasters - it was the period between fifth and sixth grade when she got her first cycle.Mikwright Coasters - sleeps well with others.
Mikwright Coasters - he's was hung like one, but i couldn't get past the teeth.Mickwright Coasters - maureen, he's everything i've ever wanted in a man....tall, dark and on top of me.Mikwright Coasters - ever since they discovered the "little blue pill" you couldn't wipe that smirk off grandma's face.
Mikwright Coasters - hmm. it eats. it sleeps. it poops. it already takes after dad.Mikwright Coasters - known to steel artificial sweetner.Mikwright Coasters - i've fallen and i can get up.
Mikwright Coasters - hey, i'm not just a piece of meat, you know!Mikwright Coasters - she's one of the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet. (i can't stand to be around her.)Mikwright Coasters - he may not be your type, but i hear he has big feet. (and you know what they say)
Mikwright Coasters - meet sven and olga the original happy campersMikwright Coasters - yes...grandma balked at first, but we haven't seen a crow since.Mikwright Coasters - hurry up and take the damn picture lillian! they're going to run out shrimp on the buffet!
Mikwright Coasters - you didn't want to be around madge when it was that time of the month, period. end of discussion.Mikwright Coasters - when emmit reached the peak, he got off.Mikwright Coasters - ...in you're wildest dream!
Mikwright Coasters - darrel was devestatedthe day he got his pink slip. he specifically ordered yellow.Mikwright Coasters - being a mother has been the best experience of my life. that reminds me...i'm out of prozac.Mikwright Coasters - sometimes you just gotta turn the other cheek.
Mikwright Coasters - if you think i'm gonna spend another six months cooped up with a bunch of half-naked, sweat-drenched, foul-mouthed strangers...you're right!Mikwright Coasters - my summer vacation was fun. we went to the washington monument. my sister got cramps. my brother lost his retainer. mom cried a lot. dad took us to an orphanage.Mikwright Coasters - jane likes dick. dick has a big....rooster.
Mikwright Coasters - how many times can the bitch reuse that sign?Mikwright Coasters - honey don't worry about getting laid off, as long as there are sidewalks you'll always have a jobMikwright Coasters - much like yourself, chrisitne enjoyed drama and was a queen
Mikwright Coasters - i'm trying to stay in touch with my inner self. (which, incidentally, is illegal in 37 states.)Mikwright Coasters - she was nothing but a man-chasing booze hound. why can't you be more like her?Mikwright Coasters - listen, if she gets one more breast enlargement she'll be approved as a floatation device.

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