Imaginiff the New Revised Edition

Imaginiff the New Revised Edition
Item# BG175

Product Description

Set your imagination free!

Ever wonder what people really think of you? This hilarious party game will help you find out and you get to express your own opinions and have them matter as well. Here's how to play, imagine what the other players are most like. Keep choosing the most popular answers to win the game. iMAgiNiff your boss were an animal? Would he be a Sheep dog?... or maybe a Bull?

* Recommended for Ages 10 & Up * iMAgiNiff can be played by 3-8 players

Awards & Recognition:

* 2007 Teachers' Choice Award for the Family * 2006 Game of the Year, Creative Child Magazine * 2001 Games Magazine Top 100 * 2000 Mensa Select Top 5 * 2000 Games Magazine Top 100 * 1998 Game of the Year in Australia * Chicago Tribune Top 10 Games * Major Fun Award - Hall of Fame

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