Fernwhisper II African American Faerie

Fernwhisper II African American Faerie
Item# FG80155

Product Description

Appox 6" tall

Light slips 'round ageless trees Shadows dance on whispered breeze Faeries choose to gather here Tempting mortals straying near

Look carefully, as faeries hide And wait for believers to come inside Keeping them for a year and day 'Ere longer if they wish to stay

Ethereal magic fills this place Tread carefully throughout their space As nature's guardians, they defend Faeries protect both home and friend

While caring for the earth each day Mischief and pranks are there way To remind common man of their pow'r As they enchant day and evening hour

So leave a gift for faerie folk Underneath the tallest oak And, only, if you believe... then Can you enter the Faerie Glen

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