Family Games katamino

Family Games katamino
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Product Description

This is a clever puzzle board game that will help your child develop and improve their special abilities. Players follow the enclosed chart and select pieces within the board space. As space increases, more pieces are needed but the skill level becomes increasingly difficult with each level. There are two charts to follow and additional grids to enable younger children to create shapes and figures with blocks by following the diagrams provided. As a two player puzzle, the board is emptied completely and the divider is inserted to separate the board into two equal halves. Each player receives an equal number of large blocks, small cubes and small rectangular pieces. It doesn't matter who gets what- the pieces are completely interchangeable it never is the same puzzle twice! Be the first to place everything into the empty space and win the game. This product comes complete with wooden game board 18 Katamino blocks, puzzle grid and instructions.

Age Range: 6 - 12

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