Atlantic Whaler Small by Authentic Models

Atlantic Whaler Small by Authentic Models
Item# AS158
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Product Description

SMALL Atlantic Whaler Feather light they rode the waves. A bluff mother ship hovering over the horizon, square sails visible even if the hull was not. This was all about seamanship, guts and balance. They were hunting the huge and unpredictable sperm whale. Think Moby Dick...a harpoon looked like a matchstick when offset against the animals's size and bulk. One swing of the tail and the whaleboat was history. America and Europe wanted whale oil for lighting and baleens for the corsets of society ladies. Hunting whales included wave-rides pulled by furious giants that could dive any moment and take the boat with them...whale boat, wood, planks on timber finish. This is a highly detailed model, easy to assemble. Moby Dick appeal, and an interesting history. Plank on frame construction. Great nautical addition to any collector's harbor. AS158 Atlantic Whaler Measures 17.5"L x 4.5"W x 16.5"H

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