NY Pilot No. 2 Ship By Authentic Models

NY Pilot No. 2 Ship By Authentic Models
Item# AS132

Product Description

In the Age of Sail no Captain existed who liked to sail into port in the dead of night or in a raging storm. Thatís where pilots came in. They signaled incoming vessels, then came alongside to drop off a pilot who could expertly guide vessels inside. Pilot boats were like the yachts of their day, fast, nimble and very seaworthy. The first America Cup racer ďAmerica" was built along the lines of one of the fastest pilot boats. Our N.Y. Pilot # 2 model is hand built plank on frame using original construction blueprints and only authentic materials. L. 20.87 in. / 53.01 cm. W. 4.13 in. / 10.49 cm. H. 24.8 in. / 62.99 cm.

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