UVAOpoly Virginia Monopoly Style Board Game

UVAOpoly Virginia Monopoly Style Board Game
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UVAOpoly Virginia Monopoly Style Board Game
This UVA OPOLY board game is perfect for Virginia alumni, students and future grads! Game includes Alarm Clock, Pencil, Gym Shoe, Bicycle tokens as well as popular campus and off-campus locations for board spaces such as The Rotunda, University Hall, The Virginian, Mincer's, The Amphitheatre, Edgar Allan Poe's Room, Beta Bridge and 7 Society. Also includes relevant contingency cards.

Manufacturer Description: "O Hill, Beta Bridge and the Rotunda are up for sale! UVA OPOLY allows players to buy, sell and trade the University of Virginia. Did you ever dream of owning Mad Bowl, Edgar Allan Poe’s Room or 7 Society?

Choose your token and advance to Register and Proceed. You may soon be hanging out on Rugby Road… or you may be sent home on Academic Probation!"

Product Dimensions: 20 X 10 X 1.5 IN

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