Truffles Pig Plush by Puffkins 2

Truffles Pig Plush by Puffkins 2
Item# 26617

Product Description

With a splash in the mud and an "Oink," from his snout, Truffles can be found rolling about. After laughing and playing in muddy delight, He takes a hot bath and sleeps through the night.

We are excited to announce the return of Puffkins with the newly revamped Puffkins 2 line of bean bag plush! From 1997-2002, SWIBCO had immense success with the original Puffkins.

Sporting 2 legs, no arms, and individual poems on attractive hang tags, just like the original Puffkins, Puffkins 2 feature a new softer, shiny material, thus making them even more irresistable.

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