Trego Black Bear Puffkins 2 Plush

Trego Black Bear Puffkins 2 Plush
Item# 26603

Product Description

Deep in the woods 'bout as far as you can go, sits a little black bear by the name of Trego. He likes eating honey with his old uncle Benny. Instead he found bees and said, "Yikes!" There are many!

We are excited to announce the return of Puffkins with the newly revamped Puffkins 2 line of bean bag plush! From 1997-2002, SWIBCO had immense success with the original Puffkins.

Sporting 2 legs, no arms, and individual poems on attractive hang tags, just like the original Puffkins, Puffkins 2 feature a new softer, shiny material, thus making them even more irresistable.

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