Terra Earth Dragonsite Dragon Statue

Terra Earth Dragonsite Dragon Statue
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Product Description

Terra (Earth) Story

On one terrible night in the year the four sister sorceresses of the elements change their shape and come together to test their strength against each other. Aerius becomes Aura; Aequoreus becomes Aqua; Terrenus becomes Terra; Ignigena becomes Ignis. As four powerful dragons they face each other, and on such a night let all mortal creatures beware, for if their sport grows too hot they might shatter the very world with their gaming.

As the sorceress of the Earth element, Terrenus is seen by her followers as the guardian of the very cradle of life. The soil, which is part of her domain, brings forth the flora that forms the foundations of the great cycle of nature. Of course Aequoreus, the Water sorceress, would dispute this grand claim and say that her element alone was essential for the life of the world.

Terrenus cares not only for the fruits above the soil but also for those that lie below it: precious metals and jewels. Her robes are adorned with gold and gems, and are the rich colours of ironstone and marble. As the dragon Terra, she is ferocious and powerful, resplendent in her earthy hues, her wings shimmering with metallic brilliance. About her neck she wears a crown, a symbol not only of her majesty (for she considers herself the queen of the elements) but also of the precious things with which she is endowed. The crown has a chain that anchors both it and the dragon to the land. This golden tether serves to remind Terra that despite her wings and the passion of the games, however high she may fly in her exuberant war flight, she is of the earth and can never escape her true element.


* Conjured By Andrew Bill

* Material Cold Cast Porcelain

* Painting Acrylic

* Dimensions 7 H X 8 W X 5D 18cm x 20cm x 12cm

* Limited Edition of 2000 Worldwide

* Boxing Full color DRAGONSITE box complete with Certificate of Authenticity

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