Sassafras Ring Toss Set

Sassafras Ring Toss Set
Item# 3842

Product Description

Do you want an outdoor activity for the kids, but donít feel the need to build an entire city? Do your little ones spend too much time in front of the tv? Bring back the simplistic joys of childhood with the Sassafras Ring Toss Set. This set is made of wooden pegs and nylon rings painted in bright, vivid colors. Pegs detach from base for easy storage in mesh bag. Your child can have a fun, imaginative time interacting with you or her friends while strengthening hand-eye coordination.

How to Play:

1. Line up the pegs about a foot apart.

2. Stand at the end of the pegs behind a "line", holding the five rings.

3. Starting with the closest peg, try to throw a ring over each peg. If you able to cover each peg consecutively, you win!

Rings are 4.5"W x .5" thick, base is 5"W and peg in base is 5.5"H

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