Steamship Bookshelf, 2 Bracket

Steamship Bookshelf, 2 Bracket
Item# RL003

Product Description

We won't see the likes of them ever again. Floating palaces, huge contraptions of steel and teak wood, smokestacks big enough to park a truck. Glittering ballrooms, luxury Ritz restaurants, smoky lounges and bars. Cocktails and happy hour, Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot. Walking by the moonlight on A-Deck, holding hands, looking out over a silvery sea. Running like clockwork, from South Hampton to New York, Hamburg to Boston, Le Havre to Rio. For the fortunate, a passage through Panama and on to Hawaii and Hong Kong. In celebration of these majestic Liners we have created a small collection of steamer memorabilia, using the railings, air intakes and smoke stacks as icons. Each product is crafted from hand turned and shaped metal and wood parts to reclaim that special feel. Steamship bookshelf. Charming railing with an intricately laid wood deck. Comes with two rivet brackets, same ivory color. With the railing facing out, it makes for an ideal shelf for a sailing vessel. Or in a bathroom holding bottles and the like. Can be displayed two ways. Stack two or three to make a wonderful nautical statement. L. 23.62 in. / 59.99 cm. W. 9.06 in. / 23.01 cm. H. 5.91 in. / 15.01 cm.

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