My Marvel Heroes Monopoly Game

My Marvel Heroes Monopoly Game
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Product Description

From the Manufacturer The Marvel Universe is YOURS! The world's best selling board game and the mighty Marvel Heroes team up and put you in charge. For the first time ever you decide the layout of the MONOPOLY game board. With over 100 characters to choose from, like Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, Wolverine and Dr. Doom, there are over ONE BILLION possible hero/villain lineups! Does your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man get the top spot? Maybe it's Clobberin' Time and the Thing is your choice. You choose! Includes six collectible tokens: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Kingpin and the Dark Phoenix. Create it. . .Play it. . .Own it All. . .YOUR Way!

Product Description My Marvel Heroes is the first Monopoly game where you decide which Marvel hero or villain is Boardwalk, Park Place and every other property square so you can play for control of your own Marvel Universe. Labels are removable and reusable, so you can place them where you want for a different game each time. Includes six collectible character tokens: Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Kingpin, Ghost Rider and Dark Phoenix. For two to six players.

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