Moon Trade Sign, Two Sided Authentic Models

Moon Trade Sign, Two Sided Authentic Models
Item# TS003
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TS003 Moon Trade Sign, Two Sided

M. 43 x 26 x 7cm, M. 17 x 10.25 x 2.75"

The companion piece to the sun, from Germany and another artist. Expressing the same artistry and skills. It is not surprising that many ancient stories of the creation of the universe allocate an important role to the magic images of Sun and Moon. Many ancient cultures believed the sun would only return every day with its magical life-giving warmth if it was honored as an important and central deity. The classic representation of its visage, framed by its life-giving rays, is known in the visual arts of many ancient cultures. The moon represents the night and is known to be involved in dreaming. Both are wonderful décor and fit communal spaces as well as a child’s play room.

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