MONOPOLY Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Edition

 MONOPOLY Thunderbird 50th Anniversary Edition
Item# MN021-083

Product Description

Drive down memory lane in 22 of the most classic T-Birds ever built.

Enjoy this collector’s MONOPOLY game as you compete to own the most popular T-Birds of all-time. Relive 50 years of rich T-Bird history, from 1955 to 2005 as you celebrate the golden anniversary of one of America’s most beloved cars.

Buy the 1963 and the 1965 10th Anniversary edition; sell the 1995 40th Anniversary edition and the 2002 Concept Car and trade the 1980 25th Anniversary edition and the 1956 Early Bird. Wheel and deal until you bankrupt your opponents and own all of the title deeds. This is your chance to own them ALL before this classic Thunderbird is retired, so put the pedal to the metal!

Ages 8+ 2-6 players

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