MONOPOLY: My NFL Football Edition

 MONOPOLY: My NFL Football Edition
Item# MN016137

Product Description

Own the NFL™ and make it YOURS!

Introducing the first ever MONOPOLY game that YOU customize! Choose 22 of the 32 NFL teams and place them on the game board. Which teams will you choose? Where will they go? Who reigns supreme and deserves Boardwalk? Park Place? Baltic Avenue? It’s as much fun to set up as it is to play! Then. . . buy, sell and trade your favorite teams in an effort to own and control the NFL, a football fan’s fantasy. The team labels are removable and reusable so, if you choose, you can play a different game each time. Features six oversized zinc tokens including a quarterback, helmet and whistle.

Create it… Play it… Own it All… YOUR way! The NFL is yours for the taking!

Ages 8+ 2-6 players

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