MONOPOLY: COCA-COLAClassic Ads Collector's Edition

 MONOPOLY: COCA-COLAClassic Ads Collector's Edition
Item# MN003-000

Product Description

Over the last 100 years the Coca-Cola Company has served up some of America’s most iconic advertisements. From the 1959 "Santa’s Refreshing Surprise" to Norman Rockwell’s 1935 "Out Fishin’". . . to 1971’s "I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke" and "Drink Coca-Cola" from 1925, compete to own the best COCA-COLA ads of all time.

Buy, sell and trade COCA-COLA festoons, delivery trucks, calendars and serving trays as you relive the history of the COCA-COLA brand. Includes six collectible pewter tokens: 6-pack, vending machine, contour bottle, contour glass, Santa and the Polar Bear. Enjoy this refreshing twist on America's favorite board game, MONOPOLY!

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