MONOPOLY: America's National Parks Edition

 MONOPOLY: America's National Parks Edition
Item# MN025-000

Product Description

Celebrating the special places set aside to protect the nation's most precious natural & cultural resources. A portion of the purchase price of national park games will be used by the National Park Foundation to support priority park projects. Features stunning new photography that captures the beauty & uniqueness of America's most popular National Parks. Buy, sell & trade 26 of the most visited national parks in the U.S., including the Grand Canyon & Great Smoky Mountains. Historical & interesting facts about the national parks featured in the game provide a fun educational element. Six collectible pewter tokens represent popular outdoor activities including hiking boot, camera, bicycle, tent, canoe and reel. Traditional Houses & Hotels are renamed Tents & Ranger Stations. Custom Birds & Mammals Cards replace Classic Chance & Community Chest Cards. Custom money honors monuments dedicated to U.S. Presidents.

Manufacturer's Age: 8 years and up

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