Irishopoly Notre Dame Monopoly Style Board Game

Irishopoly Notre Dame Monopoly Style Board Game
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Irishopoly Notre Dame Monopoly Style Board Game
This IRISHOPOLY board game is perfect for Notre Dame alumni, students and future grads! Game includes Fighting Irishman, Football, Shamrock, Alarm Clock and Bicycle tokens as well as popular campus and off-campus locations for board spaces such as The Golden Dome, Notre Dame Stadium, Law School, The Huddle, St. Michael's Laundry and St Joseph's Lake. Also includes relevant contingency cards.

Manufacturer Description: "There’s nothing like college, and certainly nothing like the Notre Dame® experience! Academic excellence, longstanding traditions, and an intense love for the Fightin’ Irish® combine to create memories that last a lifetime. Looking for a fun way to experience Notre Dame®? Here it is!

All the fun...none of the studying! Choose your Notre Dame® token and advance to GO IRISH™! Collect years of credit and trade them in for diplomas. You may soon be marching in the Fighting Irish™ Band... or bumming quarters to do your wash at St. Michael’s Laundry!"

Product Dimensions: 15.25 X 10.5 X 2 IN

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