Ignis Fire Dragon Statue by Dragonsite

Ignis Fire Dragon Statue by Dragonsite
Ignis (Fire) Story

On one terrible night in the year the four sister sorceresses of the elements change their shape and come together to test their strength against each other. Aerius becomes Aura; Aequoreus becomes Aqua; Terrenus becomes Terra; Ignigena becomes Ignis. As four powerful dragons they face each other, and on such a night let all mortal creatures beware, for if their sport grows too hot they might shatter the very world with their gaming.

Ignigena when in dragon form streaks through the dark sky like a comet; equally at home in earth or air, the Fire sorceress glories in the power of her element. In a ferocious alliance with her sister Earth she can create devastating volcanoes with which to assault the domain of the Air sorceress, filling the sky with towering plumes of lava and thick smoke. Of course it is against the living things of the Earth that she can cause the greatest injury, for what can instil greater fear in mortal creatures than a raging forest fire or burning city?

In her robe of living flame Ignigena cuts a fearsome figure but it is as Ignis the Dragon of Fire that she is most spectacular, whether rising from the ceremonial brazier in all her infernal majesty or plummeting from the clouds amid dazzling spears of lightning, wings like burning scythes slicing through the dark skies. Little wonder the living creatures quake in their homes when the deadly sporting has begun. For no mortal eyes can bear the terrifying sight of the four great powers making war upon each other, each Sorceress of the Elements fiercely contesting the crown that she already claims as her own.


* Conjured By Andrew Bill

* Material Cold Cast Porcelain

* Painting Acrylic

* Dimensions 10 H X 5 W X 4D 25cm x 12cm x 10cm

* Limited Edition of 2000 Worldwide

* Boxing Full color DRAGONSITE box complete with Certificate of Authenticity

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