Hee Haw 13" Sound Wall Clock

Hee Haw 13" Sound Wall Clock
Item# HH13

Product Description

Looking for a clock with a little humor? This Hee Haw 13" Sound Wall Clock comes from one of television's most popular shows. At the start of every hour, this funny wall clock will sound off with a classic corny one-liner or tune that you remember from years ago. A light sensor ensures the clock will remain quiet in a dark and quiet room. Makes a great gift for family and friends. Uses 3 AA batteries.

Salute! Sounds by hour: 1:00 - Don't that sop your gravy? * 2:00 - There ought to be a law against that. * 3:00 - "Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me" * 4:00 - Hey, wouldn't that churn your butter? * 5:00 - Wouldn't that cock your dang pistol? * 6:00 - Hee - Hawing donkey sound. * 7:00 - Wouldn't that button your zipper? * 8:00 - Don't that fry your taters? * 9:00 - "PFFFT You Was Gone" * 10:00 - You don't have to hang from a tree to be a nut. * 11:00 - Hey, wouldn't that shuck your corn? * 12:00 - "Hee Haw Honky Tonk" - theme song.

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