Dumbbell Cocktail Shaker Authentic Models

Dumbbell Cocktail Shaker Authentic Models
Item# CS004

Product Description

The cocktail shaker was the rage during the 1920s and 30s. Shakers in fancy shapes helped mask their purpose during Prohibition. During the Depression shakers lent a glamorous touch to get-togethers, an image immortalized in Hollywood movies of that time. Cocktails are back in fashion, with antique shakers in short supply, and if found, at sky-high prices. Our thirst extinguishers will be a welcome accessory to upscale watering holes of this world. Be they private or public, they will earn their place facing the mirrors. Dumbbell shaker. With a whiff of Art Deco design, designers must have had fun coming up with this highly efficient and attractive shaker. Nickel-plated brass with silver lining.

H. 10.24 in. / 26.01 cm. Diam. 5 in. / 12.7 cm.

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