Dawgopoly Georgia Monopoly Style Board Game

Dawgopoly Georgia Monopoly Style Board Game
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Dawgopoly Georgia Monopoly Style Board Game
This DAWGOPOLY board game is perfect for Georgia alumni, students and future grads! Game includes Alarm Clock, Pencil, Gym Shoe, Bicycle and Graduation Cap tokens as well as popular campus and off-campus locations for board spaces such as Academic Building, Stegeman Hall, Uptown Lounge, The Varsity, The Arch and Baxter Street. Also includes relevant contingency cards.

Manufacturer Description: We visited Athens and asked students and alumni “What makes this place so great?” We heard all about the unique student body, Saturday afternoons “Between the hedges®,” distinguished alumni, and what will happen if you walk under the Arch as a freshman. We stopped by the Varsity, got an “FO and a naked dog walking” and sat down to compile our research. The result? A game so full of UGA®… we could hardly get the lid on!

HERE’S A QUICK IDEA OF HOW TO PLAY! Choose your token, buy well known UGA® properties, collect credit hours and trade them in for diplomas. It sounds easy enough - but add Academic Probation, summer school and increased tuition and it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun! Who knows? You may soon be the newest member of the Redcoat Band… or you may be bumming quarters to do your laundry!

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