Cranium Robot/Bug/Alien Giggle Goggles

Cranium Robot/Bug/Alien Giggle Goggles
Item# 23109

Product Description

Bring your imagination to life. With Giggle Goggles Robot-Bug-Alien by Cranium Giggle Gear, you can transform into your very own robot, bug, and alien creations! You're the star of an amazing adventure, mixing and matching fun pieces like flashing eyes and wild yellow antennae to create hilarious faces. Launch new adventures, like pretending you have X-ray vision and making up your own superpower, with the included activity guide. Parts from any Giggle Gear Mask, Cap, or Goggles work together -- so mix and match them for hundreds of new combinations and even more guaranteed giggles! What's in the box? Giggle Goggles Robot-Bug-Alien includes goggles base; 6 different robot, bug, and alien parts; one set of flashing robot eyes; and an activity guide. Ages 5 and up.

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