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Cranium Giggle Gear Mega Mask, Robot, Bug & Alien
Cranium Giggle Gear Mega Mask, Robot, Bug & Alien
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Product Description

Mega Mask create Hilarious Faces & Change Your Voice!

Attach different mouths to change your voice 3 ways! Mix and match 18 Robot, Bug & Alien parts.

Toy includes:

mask base
electronic voice changer
18 parts
activity guide
requires 9 volt battery (included)

Create hilarious faces and change your voice! Mix and match wild parts to make your own robot, bug, and alien creations, then change your voice to match your mask!

Create Hundreds of robot, bug, and alien combinations-just snap parts into your mask!
Share your mask with friends and get them giggling.
Mix and Match parts with any Giggle Gear Mask, Cap, or Goggles to make more crazy creations.
Change your voice 3 ways-attach different lips to instantly sound like a robot, bug, or alien! Includes Activity Guide packed with giggly ideas:
wear your mask in the car. Wave to other cars.
Borrow clothes from your family and make a funny costume to go with your mask.
one size fits most, image may differ slightly from actual product.

Collect the giggle Gear Mask, Cap, and Goggles to create the ultimate giggly costume!

* Mega Mask, create hilarious faces and change your voice!
* Crazy Cap, create your own fantastic hats
* Giggle Goggles, create giggly-fun faces!

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