Cranium Hoopla

Cranium Hoopla
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Product Description

* With rich photographs on each card, Cranium Hoopla offers an opportunity to connect with friends and family through shared moments and memories

* Cranium Hoopla is portable enough to throw in a weekend duffel, toss in the car, or take to a friend?s house for an evening of fun, making it the perfect game for anytime and anywhere

* A game of Hoopla takes about 20 minutes to play, making it a perfect game for quick weeknight fun; or play a couple of rounds of Hoopla for longer weekend game times - Plus working together to beat the clock makes for outrageously fun teamwork!

* Cranium Hoopla includes more than 280 Hoopla cards, a 15-minute countdown timer, a 10-sided die, 3 wild tokens and a pad and pencil.

* Recommended for Adults and Teens

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