COCA-COLA Brand Chess Collector's Edition

COCA-COLA Brand Chess Collector's Edition
Item# CH003000

Product Description

The ultimate game of strategy, Chess, showcases the red COCA-COLA team led by Santa matching wits with the white COKE team headed by the Polar Bear. 32 custom chess pieces feature authentic COCA-COLA memorabilia in this version of one of the world's most time-honored games. Using an army of contour bottles, vintage vending machines, vintage cans, bell glasses and bottle caps, these "Kings" of the COCA-COLA world battle for supremacy.


King - Santa & Polar Bear

Queen - 1960's Contour Bottles

Bishops - Bell Glasses

Knights - Vintage Cans

Rooks - Vintage Vending Machines

Pawns - Bottle Caps

Who will claim victory - will it be COKE or COCA-COLA? Choose your favorite team and enjoy this refreshing collector's game with a COCA-COLA twist!

Ages 7+ 2 players

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