Captured in Silver DC3 Plane Authentic Models

Captured in Silver DC3 Plane Authentic Models
Item# AP453

Product Description

AP453 Captured in Silver DC3

M. 26.5 x 38.25 x 6.75"

The flying workhorse of the 40s and 50s. Legendary. The vehicle of my maiden flight. Etched in my mind. The walk-up…the numbered canvas-stretched metal frames called chairs. Tarmac-parked an uphill climb to row two. Flying it sounded like all the thousands of rivets were loose and rattling. Bone-shaking vibration and incredibly slow and sluggish speed. And soooo fun! All this together called a DC3, vintage, classic, authentic. Our non-flying model evokes the spirit and atmosphere of a time when the war was past, optimism reigned, and things could only get better. We call it the Dakota-feeling.

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