Bogey Bulldog Jumbo Beasties Statue

Bogey Bulldog Jumbo Beasties Statue
Item# E76363

Product Description

Do you like the beauty and grace of animals? Do most creatures seem cute and adorable to you? Well take the playful critters home with one of the pieces from the Jumbo Beasties of the Kingdom Collection. Beasties of the Kingdom are the fruition of a life-long dream of former Disney and Universal Studio artist John Raya. His humorous, comic style shines through each of these hand designed beasties. Exaggerated expressions of each animal's characteristics compliment this menagerie of adorable critters creating a world-wide following of collectors.

This charming Bogey Bulldog Jumbo Beasties Statue makes a wonderful gift for family, friends and co-workers or as a pick-me-up for yourself.

23" x 10"

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