Bermuda Sloop, Antique Finish Authintic Models

Bermuda Sloop, Antique Finish Authintic Models
Item# AS169

Product Description

AS169 Bermuda Sloop, Antique

M. 97 x 89 x 15.5cm, M. 38.25 x 35 x 6"

If you are looking for a model with tremendous appeal, look no further. Consider this: itís nautical, itís an antique toy, itís built plank-on-frame. By the looks of it, it could be from the 1930s, granted, it held up wellÖ Not too small and not too big. Most of all itís a tremendous value. One of our tried and true, proven appeal, presented in a totally different way. All wood, walnut finished, brass antique hardware, stained sails, complete with stand and cast-iron original issue keel weight.

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