Aura Air Dragonsite Dragon Statue

Aura Air Dragonsite Dragon Statue
Aura (Air) Story

On one terrible night in the year the four sister sorceresses of the elements change their shape and come together to test their strength against each other. Aerius becomes Aura; Aequoreus becomes Aqua; Terrenus becomes Terra; Ignigena becomes Ignis. As four powerful dragons they face each other, and on such a night let all mortal creatures beware, for if their sport grows too hot they might shatter the very world with their gaming.

Aerius, the Air sorceress, in common with her three sisters, has an impressive alter ego. She can transform herself into a dragon; at once lithe and graceful like the gentle breezes, and strong and fierce like the tempestuous winds. Aura she is known as when in dragon form, and her pale, almost ghostly shape glides on the up draughts like an exquisite kite. Long feather-like scales gleam with enchanted iridescence on her wings, so that when they catch the sunlight they glitter like a school of silver fish beneath the waves.

A brief alliance with her sister Aequoreus and a towering storm unleashes its wrath against the prone body of her sister Earth. With her strength alone she can bend the great oaks until they bow in quaking supplication before her mighty gales, or tear up the ground, hurling dust and rocks into the heavens inside a devastating cyclone. In the midst of all this mayhem a sleek dragon soars and stoops like a gleaming arrow, at one with the energy and raw power of the air; in her element, you might say!


* Conjured By Andrew Bill

* Material Cold Cast Porcelain

* Painting Acrylic

* Dimensions 9 H X 6 W X 4D 23cm x 15cm x 10cm

* Limited Edition of 2000 Worldwide

* Boxing Full color DRAGONSITE box complete with Certificate of Authenticity

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