Hyannis Sandbagger Ship by Authentic Models

Hyannis Sandbagger Ship by Authentic Models
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Two of the most famous American painters from the early 1900's had a common interest. Homer Winslow and Edward Hopper both loved sailing, and both executed several works featuring cat boats. The cat's design goes back to 1850, when it became known for its handling characteristics and seaworthy rig. Sandbaggers were super large cats, specially designed with extended bowsprits and booms to take on a maximum of sail area. Fast and famous, they became known for the sand bags that needed to be taken aboard as ballast. A beautiful model of an exquisited historic racer, famous for the extreme lengths skippers went to sail them to victory. Consider sandbaggers as an exponent of early extreme sports. Their speed exceeded contemporary technology and soon resulted in them being banned by the authorities. The most famous Cat Boat hybrid from history. Professional model construction, planks on frame. Easy to assemble. Legendary racing yacht, 19th century extreme sport icon. Hand built planks on frame. Purely great home nautical decor. A casual and weathered beach icon with an antique look and feel. Measures 47.75"L x 9.25"W x 31.25"H AS162 Hyannis Sandbagger

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