J-Yacht "Ranger" 1937 by Authentic Models

J-Yacht "Ranger" 1937 by Authentic Models
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Add some handsome nautical decor to your home or office...not only striking to behold, but with a tale to tell. "Having nearly lost the 1934 America's Cup race to the Royal Yacht Club, Vanderbilt took special pains to build a faster boat next time around. She was the Ranger, and dominated the 1937 Cup Season. The Ranger was designed by Sterling Burgess together with the Stephens brothers, who later became famous for their many S&S yacht designs. A typical J-yacht crew included some 26 professionals. The Ranger was all about racing, huge white sails, a flush deck with hardly any built structures, and beautiful lines. Vanderbilt personally financed the whole project, estimated at the time at over half a million dollars, a fortune..." J-Yachts are the most famous historical yachts. The hardware is handcrafted, to scale. Authentic details including finely stitched sails and rigging. Japanned lacquer ware stand, chrome fittings. Historical yet contemporary nautical decor. AS150 J-Yacht Ranger, 1937 This beauty measures 27.25"L x 5.5"W x 35"H and Ships via Truck Only

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