Fun Sailer, Red Boat Authentic Models

Fun Sailer, Red Boat Authentic Models
Fun Sailers Learning how to sail is not easy. Handling various lines and ropes, multiple sails, and keeping a straight course while using the wind most efficiently, is a task beyond many. Catboats, with their extreme forward mast, navigate with just one large gaff sail. They are ideal for learning to sail. Plus they’re lots of fun — although it’s always handy to master the art of swimming before stepping into a sailboat’s cockpit. Our colorful flotilla of fully rigged cats is fun, and highly decorative. To navigate a windowsill, mantelpiece, or bookshelf, we’ve sacrificed the keels; a small concession to the aesthetics of home décor.

L. 13.98 in. / 35.51 cm.

W. 4.53 in. / 11.51 cm.

H. 18.9 in. / 48.01 cm.

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