Aqua Water Dragon Statue by Dragonsite

Aqua Water Dragon Statue by Dragonsite
Aqua (water) Story

On one terrible night in the year the four sister sorceresses of the elements change their shape and come together to test their strength against each other. Aerius becomes Aura; Aequoreus becomes Aqua; Terrenus becomes Terra; Ignigena becomes Ignis. As four powerful dragons they face each other, and on such a night let all mortal creatures beware, for if their sport grows too hot they might shatter the very world with their gaming.

In a robe made from a million iridescent fish scales adorned with a thousand water droplets Aequoreus mesmerizes the eye like the curtain of cloud rising from a waterfall, shattering the sunlight into a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours. As the sorceress of Water, she knows hers to be the essential element present in all living things, and hotly disputes Terrenus’ claim to be the Queen of Elements. On the night of the great challenge she transforms herself into Aqua, a sleek water-dragon, a fearsome leviathan, a creature so fleet and agile that she cannot be bested by any of her sisters’ aerial athletics, their every twist and dive mirrored with matchless grace beneath the waves.

In a brief alliance with her sister Earth, she can assault the air with a towering waterfall, and then join with Aerius to manifest a terrible storm. Aequoreus is also possessed of endless patience, relentless in her pursuit of victory; with unending persistence a tiny mountain stream may carve a canyon. As her sister sorceresses know well, torrential storms and mountainous seas are not the only weapons available to the Lady of Water.


* Conjured By Andrew Bill

* Material Cold Cast Porcelain

* Painting Acrylic

* Dimensions 7” H X 8” W X 3”D 18cm x 20cm x 8cm

* Limited Edition of 2000 Worldwide

* Boxing Full color DRAGONSITE box complete with Certificate of Authenticity

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