Spad XIII Plane by Authentic Models

Spad XIII Plane by Authentic Models
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Spad XIII Plane by Authentic Models
Spad XIII, the Legend... Eddie Rickenbacker, president of Eastern Airlines in the 1950s, was the most famous American pilot during the Great War (1914-18). Skilled in air-to-air combat, Eddie R. shot down 26 German aircrafts. Not as many kills as the Red Baron by a long shot, but Eddie had a late start. The Spad XIII was French-built, and the machine of choice for the US Air Serviceís 94th squadron. The squadron logo, Uncle Samís top hat set in a ring, was painted on the fabric-covered fuselage together with Rickenbackerís personal number one. The Spad was fitted with a 220HP Hispano Suiza engine, giving it a max speed of 133 mph. Our Spad XIII model completes a collection of classics from WWI: a Curtiss-Jenny for the US, a Sopwith Camel for Britain, a Fokker DVII and Fokker triplane for the Germans, and now the Spad XIII for the French Air Service.

L. 23.62 in. / 59.99 cm.

W. 29.92 in. / 76 cm.

H. 9.06 in. / 23.01 cm.

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