Hot Air Balloons Royal Aero, Rainbow

Hot Air Balloons Royal Aero, Rainbow
Item# AP163E

Product Description

Gliding soundlessly and effortlessly, as if in a world of their own, helium balloons have fired imaginations and appealed to a sense of romanticism. From as early as 1783 balloons have traveled the skies, often in unintended directions, but that was part of the adventure and appeal as well. Fun and decorative, the largest of our mini-collection will travel the ceilings of the home, decorating the living room, den or child’s nursery. The smallest ones with their multi-colored striped spheres will gracefully float between the branches of a Christmas tree, or decorate a window.

H. 22.05 in. / 56.01 cm. Diam. 13 in. / 33.02 cm.

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